Livingstone Brown is the owner of Trackstone records and a member of the group UNITED STATE OF MIND, with Robin Trower and Maxi Priest. 

Noted for being a multi-genre, multi instrumentalist, producer, mix engineer, songwriter and touring bass player Livingstone has an extensive credit list that includes:

The Waterboys, Ed Sheeran, Corinne Bailey Rae, Eric Bonet, Meredith Brookes, Jenifer Love Hewitt, Shaggy, Steve Brookstein, Luciano, Chantal McGregor, Jermain Jackman,  Shakira,  Southchurch, Summer Bantom, Rahgav, Inner Circle, Never the Bride, Kofi,   Chronixx and of course Robin Trower and Maxi Priest, the Climax Blues Band, Bryan Ferry, Kylie Minogue, Aswad, De La Soul, ABC and China Black, Bill Withers amongst others.

Specialising in developing new talent Livingstone produced and secured major label signings for Barry Boom, Lorraine Cato, Katie Jackson, Linda Kiraly, Laura Moore, Sam Beeton and Sonna Rele.

Blues Matters Magazine - Livingstone needs a special mention, not only for the superb bass and keys throughout but for the lions share of production which is world class. 

Daily Express - An unusual combination. A surprising success

We Bleed Music - This album and group came together through mutual respect for each other’s talents, and they have not only crafted here an incredible piece of work but an album that is destined to be a classic.”  

Sonic Abuse - Album reviews - The stunning call and response between Maxi’s vocals and Robin’s guitar, not to mention the additional flourishes brought to the table by Livingston Brown all serve to make this an absolute joy. - United State Of Mind is an inspirational offering that will brighten even the darkest day. 10/10